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 The New Life

” I once was afraid to fly, then you came and suddenly...I was one with the sky. ”

           ―Rebekah Cobbin


Meet Rebekah Cobbin


Mother. Advocate. Writer. Innovator.

Born December 9, 1987 in Detroit, Michigan, Rebekah Cobbin found a passion for words at an early age. Her mother always kept her writing by providing notebooks, pens and paper so she could continue to express herself creatively.


As a young child, Rebekah found Christ while attending the family church, Ebenezer A.M.E. While there, she would involve herself in church activates and functions such as: Bible study, choir, summer camp, etiquette class and even assisting with the church pageant. All of those involvements grew into her working with different leaders from various churches, helping build the body of Christ. Through those interactions, she works diligently in strengthening her relation with God.  

Dealing With My Fears

When I was younger, I wanted a large family but the moment I had my first child, that all changed. So, when I got pregnant again, I doubted myself. My life was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. My support system had completely changed, and I was still trying to find myself. On top of everything I had going on, God made a way for me. I had to let my pride go and receive help from places and people I could never dream of. I was terrified to be a single mother. My mom was one and I had promised myself I would never go down that road. I was terrible at choosing great men and because of it, I suffered much heart ache and great pain. I wanted the best for my children, and I fought hard for them to have the best of what I had to offer. My faults shaped and defined me as the woman I am. I'm believing in myself, and my past? Is now only apart of my testimony.       

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Becky, I've seen you come a long way and your testimony is one that will help inspire mothers to keep going. 

I love you and keep reaching for the stars.



I knew it was always something about you! It's not too often that you stay friends with a person for over 20 years and I'm pleased that we have. May your light continue to shine like the stars above.



My dear cousin, I have seen you grow and persevere through so much. May your story help and cultivate those who are not alone.

I love you. 

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