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Letting It All Unfold

Updated: Mar 14

Out of all the people to consider, I'm grateful to have shared this moment with Desmond. He is more than my best friend; he is my safe place and my diary when I'm unable to speak. This man is true, he is honest and he is a person that I can trust with and without my eyes closed.

As I'm in the back being prepped for my C-section, I can't help but think how my life is about to change. Yes, this is a joyous moment but the work of being a single parent was something I was truly focused on. I had to apply everything I leaned from my mom and I had to do it with grace. It took a while but they finally got me numb and ready to deliver. They went and got Desmond, who was dressed in his scrubs and ready. I won't lie, I was high as a kite talking to my best friend. I don't remember all of our conversation but I know we were having one. I heard a lot of talking and I could tell they were cutting. Out of all the things to remember, I do remember being scared because my biggest fear was somehow, I was going to feel the pain during it all.

She's finally here and my is she beautiful was all I heard. Aniya didn't even cry, my baby was a champ the whole way through.

After what seemed like forever, took only a matter of minutes. She's finally here and my is she beautiful was all I heard. Aniya didn't even cry, my baby was a champ the whole way through. My Love Bug was cleaned up, weighed and checked and she passed every test they gave. Yes world, Aniya Cobbin has made her debut at six pounds and one ounce! I was to high to hold her, so they took me back to my room where I slept until I was awakened by the pain.

When I opened my eyes, Desmond was there watching TV, the nurse came in to check on me and asked was I ready for my daughter and of course the answer was yes! When she came back in with my little bundle of joy, I couldn't do anything but cry. Oh how desperately I wanted my mom and grandma to be able to see this moment-to be able to hold her! Because of Covid-19, my best friend was the only one allowed to be with me but once they moved me to a different floor, I was able to have one visitor per day. Hooray for me!

My goal was to always breastfeed, that had been a dream of mines since before my first child. The moment I was able, I requested the lactation nurse and to my surprise she came right away. Sarah is her name. I'm normally bad with remembering people names but she was so kind, so attentive and understanding to my needs, that there was no way I could forget a woman like her. After spending time with me and Aniya, she noticed my daughter had a tongue tie and it was a bad one. By the next day, Aniya went from six pounds and one ounce to five pounds and three ounces. With that happening, I had to cross feed and even though I didn't want formula apart of my child's growth, I had to do what I had to do.

I was kept an extra few days because the weight of my daughter and how quickly she was losing weight. The problem was very concerning to all responsible for her care, especially Sarah and mines. One doctor tried to send me home and told me the procedure could be done when she was older. His recommendation? Use formula since she was struggling with her latch. Not only was I disappointed and hurt but Sarah was pissed and went over his head and talked to the head of that department. After fighting on my behalf, things were made right, Aniya was getting her tongue clipped before we left the hospital. Thank God!

The procedure was a success! I couldn't take Aniya crying, so I had my ears covered the whole time. My goodness was my heart breaking for her.

A team of specialist came in, they had me sign all of this paperwork and assured me my little Love Bug wasn't going to feel a thing. The procedure was quick and easy. Desmond of course was right there and yup! The tears started flowing already. I was a mess. To see something like that about to happen, worked my nerves. Before I knew it, things were over. The procedure was a success! I couldn't take Aniya crying, so I had my ears covered the whole time. My goodness was my heart breaking for her. When I seen my best friend grab her, I knew we were back in action. I wiped my eyes and held her right after him. From there, feeding was at it should be and Love Bug gained her weight back. By the time it was meant for us to leave the hospital, Aniya was five pounds and eight ounces. What a huge blessing! Yes, thanks to Sarah and the big man upstairs, I was able to successfully breastfeed and with confidence.

The next day, we were released and Desmond took us home but before we got there, I had to pick up my dog Sheba and my daughter Amilyah, who was too excited to meet her baby sister. I knew Desmond wouldn't allow Sheba in his car, so I had plans to return to my cousin's and get the missing member of our family later but boy did things change and for the worst.


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