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Go Best Friend! Go!

Updated: Mar 14

My godfather always told me, besides God, I would only have one true friend. Even though that's oddly true in life, God granted me more than just one and my gratefulness for that cannot be measured.

Meet Desmond, the live vibrant, good hearted, cuss you out in a minute man that has always had my back and not once has he ever failed me. We met in 11th grade at Redford High School through an old friend. Every morning we would meet at the bus stop with the greetings of 'Whoop! Whoop!' then talk out junk until the Grandriver bus came to haul us off to school. It seemed like the more time we spent together, the closer he and I got, then before I knew it, he was my dearest best friend. During my pregnancy, Desmond was my ROCK! He always made me laugh, always checked on me and always kept me uplifted. Believe it or not, he and I had never had a fallen out. Don't get me wrong, we would express ourselves to one another but it was never rude or disrespectful. We could always agree to disagree. That's why when I was having my baby, I asked him to be in the delivery room with me. I already knew James was a no go and even if he was around for just the birth of Aniya, I'm most certain his presence would kill my vibe.

My best friend was honored to be on this journey with me. My sister and my aunt really wanted to be there but I told them my BF filled the spot already. Boy, did I catch slake about that! It seemed like every other day Desmond would ask if I had changed my mind about having him in the room with me and my answer was always no! I don't know who was nervous more, him or me. It was a sense of enjoyment about him that I wanted to be around and I knew with him by my side, I wouldn't do anything but laugh. I would often call him in the middle of the night or text him about my concerns of being a new mother. I haven't been pregnant since Amilyah, what if I had lost my touch? What if I couldn't handle the pressure and fold! My mom was gone, my dad, my grandma and grandpa had all transitioned as well. What if I failed! During those times my bestfriend always knew what to say. Desmond's assurance of my strength and 'Bitch, you've got this!' always got me in the space I needed to be in. Out the dumps and back on top.

Before I knew it, my best friend was on his way. Driving eight hours just to be by my side. You can't tell me he's not a real one.

Desmond got approved for his time off work, the diaper bag was packed, my cousin was going to watch my dog Sheba and Amilyah for me and I was all set to go. Aniya was going to be here in a few days and I took that time to prep the house and relax. Milly asked if we could spend some time together before both our lives changed, so we went to get pedicures and went to the park. Things were slowly falling into place and before I knew it, my best friend was on his way. Driving eight hours just to be by my side. You can't tell me he's not a real one.

Ahhhh, this was it, the moment I had been waiting for had finally come. The hospital called to confirm everything for 8am the next day and Milly and Sheba were at my cousin's house. I couldn't eat pass midnight, so I made the best of all the snacks and foods that I could. I mean I SMASHED!! Before I knew it, my BF was calling me to let me know he arrived in from Maryland and was getting settled in his room. It was sort of a bitter sweet thing because all this preparation that was being done, should have been done with James but he was old news now. I had to focus on the people who cared for Aniya and actually wanted her around and Desmond was apart of the people who actually cared.

My anxiety was through the roof! I woke up at 5am, showered and double checked everything around the house to make sure things were nice and perfect for my little Love Bug. I even put brand new sheets on my bed just for her. I knew I wouldn't be able to leave the house for a while so I made sure I had groceries and even cooked a nice meal to last me a few days. I was dressed and ready. It seemed like the moment I got done spraying on my perfume I heard a knock at the door and yes, it was my BF. It was literally 7am on the nose and he came to collect me and my bags! LOL. I couldn't believe how "on time" he was! I went from being anxious to calm all in the course of our ride there. We made it to the hospital on time, checked in on time and now we were just waiting for our room to be ready. Being on this journey with him certainly took our friendship to a whole new level. I was so moved by his every action and consideration. Not to many people would go out of their way to make sure you aren't alone during a time like this and to be honest...I was happy to be sharing every moment, every detail with him.

Desmond and I went into a complete shock when the nurse came in and told us my doctor could deliver Aniya early.

We finally made it to our room where I had to undress and prepare for my C-section at 11am. Desmond was hands on with everything lol, he almost made me feel like he was the actual father. My nurse came in a series of times asking question after question and making sure I was nice and comfortable. I still couldn't eat so I wasn't that comfortable. After about an hour of being in our room, my nurse came back in the room and dropped a bombshell. The doctor had a cancellation and was ready for me. Desmond and I went into a complete shock when the nurse told us my doctor could deliver Aniya early. My best friend hopped up, grabbed our bags and before I knew it, I was being transported out my room to meet my baby girl.


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