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Get Ready To Spend

Updated: Mar 14

Having children costs. Extending your family costs even more. It's like a never ending cycle of big money spending. Whether you have it...or not.

The further I was getting into my pregnancy, the more excited and anxious I was becoming and for so many reasons. I was already a mom but it was something about starting completely over that made me question myself. I mean, was I really ready to start over? My close friends were already mad at me because I decided to not have a baby shower AND buy everything myself. Don't ask what came over me or why I even thought to do that but I did. After weeks of going back and forth with them and even having my two of my dearest friends try to throw me a surprise baby shower, I texted them and agreed to have one. Yay me!

Even though a magnificent plan for my shower was in the works, I just had to be the first to buy my sweet baby girl something. Every woman needs a "Ladies day out"and mines included my daughter Amilyah. It was my cousin, my friend Amir, my daughter and I standing at the doors of Walmart and all I kept thinking about was this budget I had in mind that I so sadly did not stick too. We were in there for hours, laughing, joking, picking out baby clothes, talking about the future with my new edition and doing math. Well, Amir was doing math, I was just picking out clothes. Shopping for Aniya brought back so many memories of when I was first pregnant with Amilyah. I had a complete ball in there and I must say, Milly was picking out some really nice fits for her baby sister. Before I knew it, we had a cart full of onesies, bibs, socks and pjs. While I was adding clothes to the cart, Amir was in the corner doing the math suggesting we stop. That suggesting clearly went in one ear and out the other because the more clothes my cousin and Milly were showing me, the more I kept saying, "yessssss, put in the cart!" Somebody should have just put me in the cart and rolled me right out of Walmart and to the car I came in.

When I saw the price of everything, I could have died! All I kept thinking was yes, I most certainly need a baby shower now.

Finally, Amir convinced us to stop. She convinced me to stop. Even though I was one hundred percent sure I had over spent, I was happy with everything in the cart. Everybody had something they wanted for Aniya and I couldn't wait to see her in those clothes! Mission accomplished! Now, all I had to do was make it pass check out and I was in the clear. Unfortunately, at those type of stores, the lines are super long and I hate that because it gives you too much time to rethink the items you have. It seemed the longer it took us to get to the register, the more I kept looking at my cart and wondering if I really needed to buy something.

When I saw the price of everything, I could have die All I kept thinking was yes, I most certainly need a baby shower now. to be scanned, the more I started to sweat and then... the total came. When I saw the price of everything, I could have died! All I kept thinking was yes, I most certainly need a baby shower now! I won't lie, I started to put things back left and right. I knew that irritated Amir because she can't stand when people put things back at the register. Heck, I knew the moment I walked in Walmart if my total was to high, I was going to be a putting back queen. That's why every time Amir asked was I was going over budget when something were added to the cart, I didn't answer her. I just talked around the question. It was difficult, putting back items that I really, really wanted but I had to keep the baby shower in mind. With totals like this, I can't believe I entertained not having one. Spending $150 dollars wasn't so bad, after all, my total was way higher than that! But honestly, I should have just bit the bullet and spent a hundred. I swear having children is NOT cheap, which is part of the reason why Milly was the only child for so long. I tell you, when babies slip through cracks-they really slip!



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